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Custom Office Furniture Designed and Produced in New Jersey

We began our journey in 2003 with the goal of providing high quality, custom furniture solutions to the NY Metro area. Since then, we’ve grown immensely, so much so that we opened up a manufacturing facility in 2015 to keep up with demand.

This state of the art manufacturing facility is where we custom design and produce all of our furniture. We believe in providing our customers with high quality, custom solutions that you simply cannot get if you buy furniture from large, wholesale box stores.

Many of our competitors outsourced production long ago. Our President Moshe Albilia founded Advanced Office Furniture as a reaction to this disturbing trend after visiting China. Believing that the highest quality goods have always been, and still are produced in the United States, Advanced Office Furniture was born.

Your business is unique, so why would you choose to to furnish it with generic furniture that isn’t built to last? We custom make complete furniture systems here in Oakland, NJ to specific customer and project specifications. We work directly with project managers and dealers to meet their specific requirements – because we don’t have the sales and marketing costs associated with promoting our own line of products, we can work closer with you to meet your design, cost and quality targets.

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High Quality Machinery for High Quality Furniture

We continually reinvest in our machinery to be able to stay up to date with the latest furniture trends to suit a wide range of businesses. Our high quality machinery allows us to stay ahead of the competition by ensuring high craftsmanship and efficiency, so we can complete your project on time and under budget.

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